Monday, July 30, 2012

Make A Commitment

Will you join with me in making a commitment?

There are many disagreements and opposing views gripping our world today.  Almost everything in the media is geared to polarizing people into one camp or another.  There is a constant air of divisiveness.  Countries and economies are falling apart.

We get angry when a car in front of us slows down to make a turn.  We turn on others when they have a different view than our own.  We hate or mistrust people from other groups and cultures.

I've made a decision.

Will you stand with me and do the second most important thing you can do in this world today?

Will you look at your neighbor and love him?  Instead of lashing out in hate, let's ask ourselves what we can do for each person that comes into our lives.  Loving people doesn't mean you are compromising your beliefs.  It means you are standing for them.

It sounds ridiculously simple, but I believe in this time of world turmoil we can put the control back in our own hands and out of those who mean to divide us.  Love knows no fear.

I commit to loving my neighbor as myself.

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  1. Hello!

    This is a site for the ones who have faith. I suggest the ones who are reading it, to log on whenever you feel like listening to words that touch your heart ... or when you feel alone and sad... Remember that our LORD JESUS is our strength and that HE is with us all the time; this HE told us.

    Congratulation , HEATHER, for such an inspirational creativie blog.

    I really enjoyed reading it.

    Health, peace and light!

    Your brazilian 'new' friend,


    I'll de delighted if you 'pay me a visit' whenever you wish - or can.

    PS - I write in both languages: English and Portuguese.

    1. Hi Mirna,

      Thank you for your kind words. I went to your blog and subscribed to it. It is lovely & I look forward to reading it.

      Health, peace light to you too my new Brazilian friend!

      Jesus is so lovely and faithful, isn't He?

      Take care and talk to you soon!